18/1/09 – One Season Ends, Another Begins

Last week we celebrated the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  This officially brought to a close the season of Christmas, when we celebrated the incarnation; Christ’s becoming one like us

Our parish’s celebration of Christmas required the assistance and hard work of many parishioners.  My sincere thanks go to all of the liturgical ministers who served our community, both during the liturgical celebrations themselves, and in the “behind the scenes” work that took place.  The commitment these people make to our parish can never be taken for granted.

mark1With the conclusion of last Sunday, we entered the season of Ordinary Time.  The term “Ordinary” is used to describe the season because the weeks are numbered from the first to thirty-fourth week.  Those who have been to Mass during the week have already entered into this season.  The rest of us get our first taste today with the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (it’s the second Sunday because it’s the Sunday that begins the second week).

In Ordinary Time, the general pattern of the gospel readings is for us to listen week by week to excerpts that progress through one of the gospel books.  Year B focuses on the gospel according to Mark, with some inclusions (like this week) from the gospel according to John.  Thus various aspects and events of Jesus’ ministry are proclaimed for us in the weeks from now to Lent, and from after Pentecost until the feast of Christ the King in late November.

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