18/5/08 – Confirmation

Oil of ChrismThis week, children from our parish celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation.  This will draw these children closer to the completion of their sacramental initiation.

Their sacramental initiation began with baptism, when they were first made one with Christ.  They have shared in Jesus’ death and resurrection by passing through the waters of the font to a new Christian life.

These children’s families, friends, teachers and parish community (yes, us!) have helped to form these children and teach them about Christ.  We have introduced them to the life of the Church through liturgy and community activities.

Now, having reached a suitable catechetical (teachable) age, these children and their families are choosing to complete their sacramental initiation; Confirmation being only the next step.  This
Confirmation will complete and affirm their baptism, and lead them onwards to the completion of their initiation through the first reception of Holy Communion.

Just as we discussed with regards to our then-Catechumen, now neophyte (newly initiated), Mechelle, the sacramental initiation is just part of their faith journey.  “The journey of Christian initiation is one of God calling people to conversion.”  It is a time for these children to embrace God’s working within their lives.  What’s more, “those who are initiated will join us completely in taking the journey together; facing the struggles, challenges, love and joy of belonging to God’s chosen people.”

I invite you all to share with us in celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation with our young parishioners on Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m.

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