4/5/08 – A Week to Go

With this being the celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, we look forward to next weekend’s celebration of Pentecost.  Over these two weeks we remember Jesus’ returning to the Father, and the fulfilment of the promise made in last Sunday’s Gospel.  That is, the promise to send another Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to be with us forever.

Pentecost Sunday this year also brings with it some small changes to our celebration of Mass.  We have explored and explained these here over the weeks of the Easter Season.

I encourage you to read the leaflet attached to this week’s Carmel from the Australian Bishops’ Committee for Liturgy.  It again outlines the two minor changes that will take place for the assembly starting next week.

Thank you also to the Communion Ministers who stayed behind after Masses last Sunday to be briefed on the requirements for their ministry.  It is through ministers such as these exercising their liturgical roles and their leadership, together with the cooperation of all the community, that will make these changes very easy for us to get used to.

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