Fr Lucien Deiss CSSp, 1921-2007

Although this is not a Liturgy Links article as such, we thought this news was worthy of mention.

On Tuesday 9 October, Fr Lucien Deiss CSSp was reborn to eternal life. His funeral will be celebrated in France on Saturday.

To many Australian Catholics, the great leaders of the liturgical reform of the last century are largely unknown. Fr Deiss was one of them. His passion for the renewal, and his qualifications in scripture ensured that he made a remarkable contribution to the Church’s liturgy.

Most Australian Catholics, however, would know Fr Deiss through his music. He published (among other works) the collection Biblical Hymns and Psalms, which we still have in our parish music collection. This collection included the sung Mass parts that later became known as the “Deiss Mass”, as well as other songs such as:

  • All the Earth, Proclaim the Lord
  • Grant to Us, O Lord
  • Keep in Mind
  • My Shepherd is the Lord
  • My Soul is Longing for Your Peace
  • With A Joyful Heart.

A number of his compositions were also included in Australian hymnals such as Living Worship Hymnal, Catholic Worship Book, As One Voice and Gather Australia.

The publisher of much of Fr Deiss’ work, World Library Publications, currently offer a tribute to him on their website.

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