18/2/07 – Beginning Lent

“Lent is a preparation for the celebration of Easter. For the Lenten liturgy disposes both catechumens and the faithful to celebrate the paschal mystery: catechumens, through the several stages of Christian initiation; the faithful, through reminders of their own baptism and through penitential practices.”


General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar, article 27.


Lent begins on Wednesday on Ash Wednesday. We begin a forty day period of refocusing our lives and living in the fullness of God’s love. It is a time for us to commit ourselves once again to our faith. We have the opportunity to be inspired by those who are committing themselves to our faith for the first time; the candidates for baptism who approach sacramental initiation at Easter.


Penitential practices often characterise the Lenten season. The Penitential Rite at the beginning of our Sunday Masses will be a focus for us at the beginning of our Sunday Masses. Like last year, we will kneel as we pray the Confetior and the Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy).


During Lent we also mark the baptismal candidates journey through the Lenten Period of Purification and Enlightenment by celebrating the scrutinies on the Third, Fourth and Fifth Sundays. Hopefully these will occur on different Masses on each weekend so as many of us as possible may participate.


Make sure you take with you today the purple flyer that is available today at the entrances with this week’s Carmel. It provides a schedule of all the liturgical celebrations and reflection groups during the season.

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