29/1/12 – Palms and Ashes

AshesThe season of Lent will begin in just over three weeks.  Despite it not being a holy day obligation, many Catholics take time to participate in the liturgical celebrations of Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season.  As its name suggests, ashes are a symbol synonymous with this day.

On Ash Wednesday, we are marked with ashes in the form of a cross.  Wearing ashes is a penitential practice that finds its origins in early biblical times.  Ashes serve as external sign of our internal penance, and desire for a change of heart.  Traditionally, the ashes are make by burning the palms from Palm Sunday the previous year.

As in previous years, we invite you to bring your palm from last year back to the church and place it in the basket in the parish centre.  We will burn these palms and use them for our Ash Wednesday celebrations.


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