11/12/11 – Church Renewal Committee Report

Church Renewal ProcessLast month, the newly-formed Church Renewal Committee met for the first time.  This committee has been formed to oversee the next stage of the Church Renewal Process – the development of plans for the maintenance and modification of the church.

The committee consists of members of the Liturgy Committee and the former Guiding Concepts Committee.  Both these committees have been involved in the process so far and are familiar with the project’s requirements and progress.  Also on the committee is Jenny Rickard in her position as the chairperson of the Pastoral Council.  Each meeting will, as a minimum, involve Fr Paul, Jenny, Clieve Lennon (Chairman, Finance Committee) and myself.

At this initial meeting, some review was undertaken of the maintenance report commissioned by the Diocese and undertaken by Paynter Dixon Facilities Management.  From this, the committee began to determine the major items of church maintenance which need to be included in any proposed work.  The following matters were determined:

  1. That suitably qualified professionals be sought as soon as possible to inspect the foundations and cracks in the walls of the church building.  They will be asked to report on the structural integrity of the building and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs
  2. That Peter Abood, in his role of coordinating maintenance of the parish plant, be invited to join the committee to assist with the progress of the project.

The committee believes the matters of structural integrity, internal painting and renewal of floor coverings and finishes need attention in the immediate to short term and will be of significant expense.  As such, estimates for these are required in order to determine the extent to which other works can be undertaken.

The committee will meet again early in the new year.

Robert Barden
Liturgy Coordinator

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