8/5/11 – The Easter Season

We are now one week into the Season of Easter.  Such is the joy of the resurrection that we spend fifty days celebrating the passing over of Christ from death to new life.

Our Introductory Rites during the Easter season focus on the Rite of Sprinkling Holy Water.  For us as Catholics, we believe that in baptism, we share in Christ’s passover from death to new life.  It is only fitting then, that we are reminded of our baptism in such a way during the fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost.

The Easter season is also the one season during the liturgical year when we listen to readings from the Acts of the Apostles.  We are reminded of how the early followers of Jesus spread the Good News in the weeks, months and years following the resurrection.  While the apostles were frightened at first, they went on to become bold ambassadors, preachers and teachers of the message of Christ.  The very use of the word apostle is important.  The word comes from the ancient Greek word apostolos, meaning one sent forth as a messenger.

During the Easter season, we are, like the first apostles, called to celebrate the resurrection and share the gospel of Jesus with others.  Those of us at the Easter Vigil heard our newest Catholics boldly profess their faith in Christ so they could be baptised and share in the Christ’s death and resurrection.  The challenge for them now, like all of us, is the same is that which the apostles were faced with.  We pray that God will fill us with the same boldness and courage and allow us continue to build up God’s people on earth.

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