6/3/11 – The Doxology and the Great Amen: Who Says What?

During the course of this year, we will gradually begin to use the texts of the revised translation of the Roman Missal.  This is not just a time when we need to learn new words, but will hopefully be an opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of the Mass.

As we look more closely at how we celebrate Mass, there are some ways in which we celebrate Mass that need to be reviewed.

During the Eucharistic Prayer, we pray together, as one body in Christ, to God.  We are led in this prayer by the priest.  We engage through our own listening and reverent, prayerful silence, and respond vocally through the three acclamations, the Sanctus (“Holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts…”), the Memorial Acclamation (which we most commonly recall as “Christ has died, Christ is risen…”) and the Great Amen. The Eucharistic Prayer is so important, and our participation in the acclamations is so important, that they are sung whenever possible.

The doxology at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer, however, is a part that belongs to the priest to lead.  While we may have been invited to join in with “Through him, with him, in him…”, our part is to clearly give our assent and agreement to the entire Eucharistic Prayer by singing or saying the “Amen”.

So from now on, we ask that you do not say the “Through him, with him, in him…” part, but leave this to the priest.  Let us all ensure instead that we join in – fully, consciously and actively – in what is and should be the Great Amen.

Fr Paul Sireh OCarm, Parish Priest
Robert Barden, Liturgy Coordinator

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