28/11/10 – Reminders from the Ministers of the Word Workshops

During October, our Ministers of the Word participated in their annual formation workshops.  This week, we are taking a moment to remind you of a few important matters we raised at the workshops.

Organising a replacement reader is essential if you are unable to read or commentate on the date assigned to you on the roster.

The reader is part of the Entrance Procession and carries the Book of Gospels (the large, green book), which is placed on the altar.  The Lectionary (the smaller, brown book) should be placed on the ambo before Mass.

Before each reading, the commentator gives a short introduction.  The reader then names the source of the reading, e.g. “A reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians”, then proceeds with the reading.  The small excerpt printed before the reading in italics is not read.  There is also no need to announce that it is the “First Reading”, “Second Reading” or even “The Responsorial Psalm”.

The reader does not carry any book out in the recessional at the end of Mass.

Ministers of the Word will also be aware that a new roster is due this weekend.  Please ensure you collect it from the noticeboard near the kitchen window in the parish centre.  From this roster onwards, it will also be available from our website.  We still recommend you collect a copy, however.  This is because phone numbers will not be included on the website edition, out of respect for your privacy.  If you would like to receive an email to advise you when the roster is available, please email Lyn in the parish office at ocarms (at) tpg (dot) com (dot) au

Thank you once again to all the ministers who participated in our workshops.  Your commitment to our parish community and its liturgical celebrations is greatly appreciated.

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