6/6/10 – Play Your Part Next Sunday

Church Renewal ProcessNext Sunday, the process of renewing our parish church reaches an important turning point.

For most of the past two years, we’ve spent time coming to understand why there is a need to undertake this renewal process.  We’ve learnt more about how the Catholic Church celebrates the liturgy since the Second Vatican Council.  We’ve learnt more about how and why the design and architecture of modern churches is different to the older churches that we may be used to seeing and praying in.

Next Sunday, we begin the process of preparing plans for the renovation of our church.  The first step we will take on Sunday is that of having parishioners prepare Guiding Concepts for the project.

These guiding concepts will be given to an architect.  The architect will use them, along with the guidelines provided in Church documents, to prepare a renovation plan that meets our needs and reflects what we believe and value.

When parishes engage in renovation projects, some parishioners can be dissatisfied with the end result.  This is often because they have not made the effort to have their say during the process, to make sure their voice is heard.

This meeting is the opportunity for you to play your part in the planning process.  Every parishioner has the right to, and needs to have their say.  Don’t put it off and hope there will be another time to share your thoughts and ideas with your fellow parishioners and our planning time.  Now is the time.

More details can be found on the flyer attached to Carmel.  If you are coming along, make sure you register your attendance on the sheets in the parish centre today.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Fr Paul Sireh OCarm                                                           Robert Barden
Administrator                                                                        Liturgy Coordinator

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