7/3/10 – Church Renewal Process Meeting

Church Renewal Process LogoNext weekend, our Church Renewal Process takes another step forward.  A parish meeting will give us all the opportunities to explore the possibilities for shaping our church into the future.

So far, we have:

Our meeting next Sunday will be lead by our liturgical advisor, Fr Stephen Hackett MSC.  After a short review of the process so far, we will start to look at the suggestions made by parishioners so far, as well as the liturgical and theological principles that form the basis of any church renewal project.

Part of this meeting may also give us the opportunity to set some priorities for the renewal of the church building.  Our intention is that over the remainder of this year, a formal design brief can be developed that will articulate exactly what we envisage for our church into the future.

Once again, this is your opportunity to make your contribution to the process of renewing our church.  Make sure you send in your reply so we can have lunch ready for you!

Remember that you can keep track of the church renewal process at www.olmcwenty.org.au/renovation

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