15/11/09 – Seating the Assembly

The feedback we have received from parishioners regarding our renovation process has been very helpful.  Some of the comments that have been made by parishioners have reflected concerns around the way seating could be arranged in a renovated space.

At this point, we have not made any decisions about the way the seating will be arranged.  Our consultation with parishioners has led to our desire to consider the seating arrangement with these two broad goals in mind:

  1. Improving the sense of parishioners being gathered around the table of the Word (ambo) and the table of the Eucharist (altar)
  2. Bringing the assembly into closer proximity with the ambo and altar, placing them closer to the centre of the Eucharistic action.

To help people understand more about seating arrangements, the upcoming Liturgy Links articles will explain four common seating arrangements that have been used in Catholic churches:

  • The Processional arrangement
  • The Antiphonal arrangement
  • The Radial arrangement, and
  • The Central arrangement

Remember that you can ask questions, make suggestions or comments about the renovation process at any time.  To help with this, you can make a written submission and place it in the “Renovation Mailbox” at the display in the parish centre.

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