18/10/09 – Renovation Concept, Consideration 11

The work of the Liturgy Committee to date, including consultation with parishioners, has resulted in the development of a renovation concept. This concept includes a number of matters we would like considered in plans for a renovated church. One consideration for our renovation plans is:

The establishment of a Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Those who have contributed to the conversation so far believe this is important because:

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Cathedral by Zeetz Jones
The Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Cathedral by Zeetz Jones

The place for the reservation of the eucharist should be truly preeminent. It is highly recommended that the place be suitable also for private adoration and prayer so that the faithful may easily, fruitfully, and constantly honour the Lord, present in the sacrament, through personal worship. This will be achieved more easily if the chapel is separate from the body of the church, especially in churches where marriages and funerals are celebrated frequently and churches which are much visited by pilgrims or because of their artistic and historical treasures. (Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass, 9)

The tabernacle for eucharistic reservation is a reminder of Christ’s presence that comes about in the sacrifice of the Mass. But it is also a reminder of the brothers and sisters we must cherish in charity, since it was in fulfilment of the sacramental ministry received from Christ that the Church first began to reserve the eucharist for the sake of the sick and the dying.

In our churches adoration has always been offered to the reserved sacrament, the bread which came down from heaven. (Book of Blessings, 1192)

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