17/10/09 – Let there be light… as long as it doesn’t get too hot!

One line from the Exsultet at the Easter Vigil reads:

On this night the scripture says: the night will be as clear as day…

Unfortunately the day is not so clear for those sitting at the back of our church!  Since our former entry doors have been closed (as we now enter the church through our narthex), we’ve also closed off the main source of natural light for those who sit in the pews under the choir gallery.  So while most of the church is bathed in beautiful light during the day, parishioners who’ve made comments on our renovation plans so far have suggested there is a need for more light under the choir gallery.

Another very practical consideration for our proposed renovations is that of temperature control within the church.  Our evening Masses in particular suffer considerably from the heat that comes from the setting western sun in the summer, and from the cold temperatures of the evening.  Cold temperatures in winter can also be uncomfortable for those participating in our morning Masses.

Just as we have successfully heated the parish centre, therefore, we need to look at a practical and cost-effective way of managing the temperature in the church.  Such matters of comfort may not have been a priority in years past, when praying in hot or cold churches with hard wooden seats and kneelers was something we endured.  After all, many people would remember being told that their suffering each Sunday was nothing compared to what Jesus endured for us!  Nowadays, though, the Church documents remind us that we should ensure our churches are properly appointed as public buildings:

A proper arrangement of a church and its surroundings that appropriately meets contemporary needs requires attention not only to the elements related more directly to the celebration of the sacred actions but also to those things conducive to the appropriate comfort of the faithful that are normal in places where people regularly gather.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 293

Don’t forget that your comments on the recommendations are welcome.  You can speak to Frs. Denis or Paul, to any other member of the Liturgy Committee, email us at litcomwent (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au or comment below.

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