21/9/08 – St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

The twelve month period from 29 June 2008 (as I’ve mentioned previously) is the Church’s Year of St. Paul.  It celebrates the 2000th Anniversary of the birth of Paul.

For many Sundays of the year, we hear the words of Paul.  His letters make up many of the second reading excerpts that form part of the Sunday lectionary (book of readings).  These letters were written to those to whom Paul preached.  They served as a means of continuing his contact with the communities and teaching while he was elsewhere continuing to evangelise.

As part of marking this important year, the Liturgy Office of England and Wales are producing leaflets.  These provide background on the letters of St. Paul that feature in the lectionary.

From this Sunday, we hear from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  We’re providing the leaflet on this epistle this week so that you can learn more about this letter and the community to which it was written.  As we move on to different letters from St. Paul, we will provide the leaflet for it, for your own reflection.

Don’t forget that we are looking for Altar Servers.  Altar Service is a ministry open to males and females.  It is open to any parishioner that has been fully initiated (that is, have been baptised, confirmed, and received first communion).  We are looking for both junior and senior (adult) servers.  Please refer to the display in the parish centre, where you will also find forms to register your interest.

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