2/3/08 – The Presentations

In addition to the scrutinies, our elect Mechelle celebrates engages in liturgical celebrations where she is presented with the creed and the Lord’s Prayer.

The presentations take place after the celebration of the scrutinies… Thus, with the catechumenal formation of the elect completed, the Church lovingly entrusts to them the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer, the ancient texts that have always been regarded as expressing the heart of the Church’s faith and prayer. These texts are presented in order to enlighten the elect.

(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, no. 147)

The Creed and Lord’s Prayer are texts that we can recite by heart and can even at times take for granted. Yet for the catechumens and the elect, those we introduce to the Church in the way a master tradesman introduces work and skills to an apprentice, they are not taken for granted. They can often be prayers that our catechumens and elect do not know.

It is quite important that we ritualise the sharing of these prayers with the elect. Mechelle has already been presented with the creed and will be presented with the Lord’s Prayer on Monday evening. As she becomes fully initiated into the Catholic Church, she will learn these prayers and commit them to her heart and mind through regular recitation with the rest of the assembly at Mass.

Yet these presentations lead the elect once again to the Easter Vigil. The elect will be called upon to profess their faith in order to declare their readiness for baptism. At the Easter Vigil, before receiving communion for the first time, they join the assembly in praying the Lord’s Prayer. Let us pray that Mechelle may have the courage to profess her faith and pray the words Jesus taught us on the most holy night on which she will be initiated into our community and Church.

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