2/9/07 – Sacramental Journey

Over the past few weeks we have looked at aspects of Sacramental Initiation.  We have considered our role in supporting the initiation processes in our parish.  Last week, we welcomed Michelle into our parish community as we celebrated with her the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens at the Vigil Mass.  This weekend, we begin celebrating in our parish the First Holy Communion of more than fifty of our young parishioners.

Michelle, our young parishioners, even ourselves; we are all continuing along a sacramental journey.  For Michelle, the journey is beginning.  For our First Communicants, their journey began with baptism, and is being further fulfilled with confirmation and eucharist.  For us fully initiated adults, our journey continues – not just through other sacraments such as marriage and anointing of the sick, but through walking with those like Michelle and our children who need our support.

Our faith is shaped, not only through our own initiation and sacramental experience, but through engaging in the initiation and sacramental experience of others.  Hopefully our faith is renewed, strengthened and challenged by their witness and example.  Hopefully their faith will be strengthened by our support and example.  And together, our sharing in these profound faith experiences will help us to travel along the sacramental journey together.

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