27/5/07 – Serving God’s People

This week, our parish begins the process of calling forth new liturgical ministers for another year. Make sure you take a copy of the booklet Serving God’s People with you today.

Often when we start talking about ministry, people start thinking “I can’t do that.” Inside the booklet you’ll find a number of ministries and tasks that take very little time and/or experience. Perhaps you can help out this year as a collector, a welcomer or kitchen volunteer. Do you have a spare 5-10 minutes after Mass on Sunday? Perhaps as a housekeeper you could shut the windows and pick up a few Carmel bulletins, or as a flower and plant carer check that the flowers at our statues are still fresh. Can you walk slowly and reverently? Then being a gift bearer or processional cross bearer could be for you.

We all have a role in calling forth ministers to service. We all know people who we think are good at something – perhaps they can sing, or a good public speaker. They may have a prayerfulness about them, or can’t help but make people feel welcome and included. Tell them about what you think they do well, and encourage them to use their gifts as part of our parish community.

Remember that the Church is the People of God. Every member of the Body of Christ has a responsibility to contributing to the building up of the Church.

Congratulations to the children of our parish who celebrated their Confirmation this week. On the sacramental journey they are now one step closer, and only one step away, from full initiation into the Catholic Church. This week’s celebrations confirmed and completed their baptism, and now send them forward to their first reception of the sacrament of Holy Communion.

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