Vision Statement No. 9 – 26/11/06

Our final Liturgy Links for the Year B Scripture cycle in 2006 brings to a close our series of articles on our new vision statement for liturgical celebrations.


The parish community must call forth those people it believes will serve it best as ministers and leaders in prayer.  All lay and ordained liturgical ministers have a responsibility to the community as leaders of prayer.


The Eucharistic celebration is an action of Christ and the Church… It therefore pertains to the whole Body of the Church, manifests it, and has its effect upon it.  It also affects the individual members of the Church in different ways, according to their different orders, offices, and actual participation.  (Sacrosanctum Concilium, article 91)


The entire Church is active in the Eucharistic celebration.  Does it look like it on Sunday?  Maybe you’re one of those people who read Carmel when they should be listening to the homily.  If so, take a look around now and for the rest of Mass and ask yourself whether the Mass looks like the action of the entire gathered community or just a small group of them.


Every one of us has the right and duty to participate in the Mass.  The singing, the responses, the processions, the standing, sitting and kneeling all contribute the Church’s action that is the Eucharistic celebration.  Through this participation, we become one with Christ who is active with us in the liturgy.


From our community then, we all have the responsibility of calling people forward to lead and to share their gifts through particular liturgical ministries.  These people hold the responsibility of drawing people into the communal prayer and leading aspects of the celebration.


One particular minister we have is that of the priest.  The priest has a pivotal role in leading and guiding the celebration.  They play an essential role in many of our sacramental celebrations.  When is the last time you’ve encouraged someone to consider this ministry in our Church?

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