Vision Statement No. 1 – 1/10/06

The Liturgy Committee has for some months now talked about the hopes it has for our parish’s liturgy in the future.  Many great ideas are alive in the minds of our members and others involved in liturgy. Yet before we can set forth on exploring those ideas, we needed to set forth the common understanding of the journey we wish to take.  At our August meeting and our September meeting held on Tuesday, we proposed our common vision for the celebration of liturgy in our parish.  It presents many exciting prospects and challenges for us as a community.  Here is the vision statement: 

We believe that good liturgical celebrations foster and nourish faith.  This faith will grow best when the worshipping assembly is fully, consciously and actively participating in the liturgical celebration. When all the community participates, then the parish may truly benefit from the generous riches of our diverse cultural backgrounds and the experience of faith that spans generations. The gifts of culture and experience also challenge us to find common understanding.  The clear, simple and careful preparation and use of liturgical symbols is key to transcending barriers so that all may grow in faith. All liturgical celebrations have a common structure that must be respected.  Consequently, the community should always: 

  • Gather as one family, united by their faith in Christ and their common baptism
  • Listen to the Word of God proclaimed in the midst of the Church
  • Respond in faith so that all may be nourished, healed and strengthened through prayer and sacrament
  • Go forth in peace to love and serve the Lord.

The parish community must call forth those people it believes will serve it best as ministers and leaders in prayer.  All lay and ordained liturgical ministers have a responsibility to the community as leaders of prayer.

Over the coming weeks we will explore the growth and challenges this vision offers us.  During this period, your comments and feedback are welcome to the Liturgy Committee.

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