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4496929436_d539444da7_dThe Concluding Rites are brief, but still important. We do not simply leave the Mass returning to the routine of our lives as if nothing has happened. We leave the church renewed, inspired, nourished and transformed. The focus of the Concluding Rites is to send us forth to carry out the mission, and our baptismal call, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

T39159165982_db25390994_dhe Concluding Rites begin with the priest praying for God’s Blessing upon us all. This is often done in a simple manner in the name of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), but can also take a more solemn form, particularly when celebrating an important feast day or season.

25320896418_5ec60224f5_dFinally, we have the Dismissal. This is the ritual form by which we are sent forth. In the most recent edition of the Missal, Pope Benedict XVI approved (at the request of a Synod of Bishops) four new versions of the dismissal, particularly written to remind us that the Eucharist gives us a new energy, Sunday after Sunday, to live out the mission of Christ.

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