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Terms and Conditions
These Leaders’ Guides are used with permission under licence, and can therefore only be made available to Ministers of the Liturgy of the Word for Children of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Wentworthville.  By using this resource, Ministers of the Liturgy of the Word for Children agree that they will not share or distribute this material to others.

There are also links here to worksheets based on the readings of each Sunday.  These are produced by the Societas Doctrinae Christianae (SDC) in the United Kingdom.  Please remember that, in keeping with parish guidelines, any worksheets should be used as a resource for children to take at the end of the celebration and complete at home, thus continuing their reflection upon the scriptures during the week.

The Nativity of St John the Baptist  |  SDC Take Home Sheet

Our Lady of Mount Carmel | Download pdf

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe  |  SDC Take Home Sheet