Formation Workshop: Qualities of an Extraordinary Minister

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for those continuing in their ministry



One strategy we have identified to help achieve our parish vision is

Extending welcome to new parishioners and all who come to worship

Research and experience tell us people’s sense of feeling welcome at Mass is integral to a positive experience of liturgy.  People want to engage in liturgical celebrations where they feel a sense of belonging to a community. The manner in which ministers carry out their ministry has a profound effect on people’s sense of welcome, and thus to their belonging to the Body of Christ in this place and at this time.

  • Review the four qualities – Humility, Hospitality, Gratitude and Reverence – from from slides or the handout (link below)
  • Using the handout, consider the questions named there:
    • What in what I have read and reflected on connects with what I already understand and believe about my ministry?
    • What extends what I already understand and believe about my ministry?
    • What challenges how I go about my ministry?

Participant Handouts

Participant Handout

Instructions for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

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