Formation Workshop: Living a Eucharistic Life

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for those continuing in their ministry



One strategy we have identified to help achieve our parish vision is

Extending welcome to new parishioners and all who come to worship

If we are to achieve our vision, then we must respond to the challenge of recognising the presence of Christ in others and being the presence of Christ to others; or, as we are called at the end of Mass, to “go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life”.

  • Pray and reflect on the Prayer of St Teresa of Avila (slide 9)
  • Read How Can the Eucharist Make a Difference in My Life?
    (alternatively, if you have access to the DVD Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ, view the introductory video to the section, “Living a Eucharistic Life”
  • Reflect on, and respond to the questions posed on slide 13
    How has the material here changed or affirmed your understanding of the Body of Christ?

Participant Handouts

Instructions for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Further Reading

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